Valentine's Day: What Gemstones Are A Woman's Favorite?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day is a traditional time to give gifts of jewelry to the woman you love. Whether it is something small for a girl you are just starting to date, or something as big as an engagement ring, the gemstone you pick out for your loved one should be something close to her heart.

Here are some favorite Valentine's Day gift gemstones, for every type of relationship:


A beautiful piece of jewelry made of Amber is more interesting than a diamond, in my opinion. Amber is opulent and impressive but will not break your wallet. Plus, the cool golden color is soothing and calm. Amber makes a great keepsake!


The luxurious Sapphire is as special a gift as a diamond, in my opinion. Perhaps your girlfriend is a bit unconventional and thinks Valentine's Day is too commercial -- she scorns the traditional bouquet of roses and a teddy bear. But no woman can resist the dramatic beauty of the Sapphire! She will treasure a piece of Sapphire jewelry forever.


Rubies are more interesting than diamonds, in my opinion. They are opulent and impressive but will not break your wallet. Plus, the deep red color totally matches the mood of the holiday. Buy them for a girl you are really crazy about.


Jade is an elegant gemstone to purchase for a girl you have recently started to date. Jade makes good-quality jewelry, but is not that expensive. Also, Jade can come in some very interesting shapes and carvings.


Buy Amethyst for the dreamy, mysterious woman in your life. The purple color is both beautiful and contains a hint of intrigue. Amethyst is reasonably priced, and makes a good gift for a girl regardless of how long you have been dating her.

Pink Quartz:

The purity and softness of Pink Quartz makes the gemstone a perfect gift for a new love. Not as expensive as Rubies, not as dramatic as Sapphires, not as whimsical as Amber -- Pink Quartz is a simple, pretty gemstone that will put a smile on any woman's face. It looks beautiful as beads or beautifully carved into roses and hearts.

Lapis Lazuli

The bold blues of Lapis Lazuli render it appropriate for fabulous women of any age. Buying a Lapis Lazuli ring or bracelet for your sweetheart tells her that you think she is strong and magnificent. Why not buy one in the shape of a heart for Valentine's Day?


The jet-black Onyx will match with her entire wardrobe -- no need to find "just the right outfit" to accompany your gift. The practical-minded woman in your life will be very thankful that you picked such a durable and versatile gemstone!

Red Jasper

Want a deep romantic red to match the flavor of the holiday, but Rubies are too expensive for your budget? Why not try a gorgeous ring or pair of earrings made of red jasper? Each piece has a one-of-a-kind character all its own. Match Red Jasper up with silver for a combination made in heaven!

Cubic Zirconia

Sometimes you just want a sparkly treat, but want to give a gift more substantial than just a bunch of rhinestones. Why not buy a fanciful pair of heart-shaped drop earrings made of Cubic Zirconia? The glittery stones are fun and will shine as the two of you head out for a romantic Valentine's Day night on the town!

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